Boy, 9, Loses Eye After Being Shot By A Nerf Gun


A nine-year-old boy from South Wales has had to have his eye removed after being hit by a pellet from a Nerf gun.

Taylor-Jay Ravicini was struck by a doll arrow when he was just three, which started him to lose see in the eye.

The precede affect from the Nerf projectile apparently detriment the organ itself beyond amend, at which point physicians were forced to remove it to ensure that he didn’t lose display in his other seeing, too.

Due to complications because of infections, Taylor was hospitalised for six weeks following the accident.

The unfortunate incident has just taken place whilst he was playing with a acquaintance in the members of this house under the supervision of his mother. This second- very unlikely- collision led to the doctors taking the decision to completely remove the eye and supplant it with a fallacious eye.

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